Updates from CMC

Dear Parents and Patients,

Thank you for continuing to place your trust in us during these challenging times.  Children’s Medical Center is continuing to closely monitor ongoing recommendations nationwide and in Colorado.  We are glad to have been able to continue seeing our well care visits throughout this past month.  To  the best of our abilities we have also continued to be able to serve our ’sick’ visits through in-clinic appointments as well as through Telehealth.  

For the upcoming weeks we will be continuing to separate well visit rooms from sick visit rooms in the following ways:

  • Well patients (which includes well child checks, medication checks, injuries) will enter through the glass door on the south west side of the clinic.  These patients will be checked in at the treatment room in the back of the clinic and roomed as soon as possible after check-in in rooms 1-6, and also in rooms 11 and 12.  They will exit either back out the glass door on the south west side of clinic or out the alley door by rooms 11 and 12.
  • Sick patients will enter through the main entrance and check in as usual, and will also be roomed as soon as possible after check-in.  After the visit is completed, they will exit back out the main entrance door.
  • Toys and books have already been removed from our waiting room and exam rooms.

We are continuing to offer Telehealth appointments when deemed appropriate – our Triage staff is available to help with families’ concerns to decide if and when Telehealth appointments will be appropriate versus in-clinic appointments.  Please note that on-line email messaging through MyChart is for non-urgent messages only and will not be checked in the evenings or on weekends.  On this note, please remember that you can call us first to discuss concerns before going to urgent care/ED (unless you are in a 911 situation)

  • We are asking that all patients over 2 years old, and all accompanying family members please bring their own cloth face masks when coming to clinic.  Due to the nationwide PPE shortage and our limited supply, we urge you to bring you own masks, but one will be provided if you cannot provide your own as you are required to wear one while in clinic. 
  • Please attempt to limit the number of accompanying family members coming to your child’s visit at this time.  
  • Children’s Medical Center is not administering COVID-19 testing at this time.  If it is deemed that your child needs testing, we will help direct you to an appropriate facility for testing.  

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