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Well Child Exams: Option 2
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What are Children’s Medical Center’s office hours?

Children's Medical Center Waiting RoomMonday – Friday
8:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday (same day sick appointments only)
9:00am to 12:00 noon

How easy is it to get an appointment?


When your child is sick, we do what we can to see your child on the same day.  You may need to be seen by a doctor other than your usual doctor, but your child will be seen on the same day.  We save early morning and early afternoon appointments for infants, as we give our infants priority in spending less time in the waiting room with other potentially ill children.

Talk to our Triage Department
Call: 303-830-7337, Option 1


Well-child visits vary by doctor as to how soon they can be scheduled.  In general, call sooner rather than later.  The late summer well child visits become more difficult to schedule due to high demand for sports physicals prior to school starting.

Call the Well Child Line
Call: 303-830-7337, Option 2

How do we get help when the office is closed?

Call the office main number to reach our answering service.  Since pediatric nurses can answer most questions, we subscribe to The Children’s Hospital After-Hours Nurses Line, and your call will be forwarded to them.  If you know that you must speak to the on-call doctor, or if the nurses determine that you need to speak with a doctor, your call will be forwarded to the on-call doctor.  We answer our pages promptly, so call back if you do not get a call from the doctor within thirty minutes.  Of course, always in an emergency, call 911.

What is your no show policy?Children's Medical Center

All patients are required to give 24 hour notice if they need to reschedule an appointment. After two no shows a patient can be dismissed from the practice. We strive to give all our patients reminder calls for well child visits a day or two before the appointment. Please don’t hesitate to call and reschedule an appointment if needed.