Phone System Guide

Our phone number is 303-830-7337. This guide will help you choose the right option to route your phone call during office hours.

Option #1:  To schedule same day sick appointments, follow up hospital appointments, future appointments for ongoing medical issues, to speak to a CMC Nurse, or to leave a phone message for the Doctor.

Option #2:  To schedule or cancel future Well Child appointments. New Patient and Newborn help line. You may receive our voicemail which we try to return by the end of the next business day. *PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE MESSAGES FOR SAME DAY SICK APPOINTMENTS OR QUESTIONS FOR A NURSE ON THIS LINE*

Option #3:  Voicemail for Prescription Refills. It is checked throughout the day. Please allow 72 hours for processing of refills.

Option #4:  Office hours and contact information.

Option #5:  To request Physical forms, Immunization record request, Record Releases,  and any questions pertaining to Medical Records.

Option #6:  To request a Referral, Long Term Care Plan, FMLA and Handicap paperwork.

Option #7:  To speak to our Billing Office.

 Call Us: 303-830-7337