Phone System Guide

Our phone number is 303-830-7337. This guide will help you choose the right option to route your phone call during office hours. Option #1:  To schedule same day sick appointments, follow up hospital appointments, future appointments for ongoing medical issues, to speak to a CMC Nurse, or to leave a phone message for the Doctor.

follow link Option #2:  To schedule or cancel future Well Child appointments. You may receive our voicemail which we try to return by the end of the next business day.  propecia and women *PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE MESSAGES FOR SAME DAY SICK APPOINTMENTS OR QUESTIONS FOR A NURSE ON THIS LINE* Option #3:  Voicemail for Prescription Refills. It is checked throughout the day. Please allow 72 hours for processing of refills. Option #4:  Office hours and contact information.

here Option #5:  To request Physical forms, Immunization record request, Record Releases,  and any questions pertaining to Medical Records. Option #6:  To request a Referral, Long Term Care Plan, FMLA and Handicap paperwork.

where to buy cheap viagra pills Option #7:  New Patient and Newborn help line. Press this option if you would like to become a New Patient at CMC. Option #8:  To speak to our Billing Office.

  see Call Us: 303-830-7337