About Us

Through quality health care services provided by physicians, Children’s Medical Center (CMC) strives to offer every child a Medical Home. The medical home model results in optimal health outcomes by provision of continuous, compassionate, and coordinated medical care from infancy to adulthood. Our care is optimized through the use of an electronic medical record which is shared with the Children’s Hospital Colorado.

To the extent our resources permit we will not refuse care to any child.

Our Pediatricians

At Children’s Medical Center, your child will only see a Board Certified Pediatrician. Currently, there are eight pediatricians on staff.
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Our Staff

Children's Medical Center Back Office Staff

Children’s Medical Center is also fortunate to have a wonderful support staff that strives to serve your child’s needs each and every visit.
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Children’s Medical Center History

Children’s Medical Center has a long and successful history in the Denver Metro area.  Dr. Max Ginsburg, the first ever pediatric intern at The Children’s Hospital Colorado,  started the practice in 1931. He practiced out of the Metropolitan Building, at 15th and Court Streets, in Downtown Denver.

The practice remained there until 1948 when they built Children’s Medical Center at 1575 Vine Street. Dr. Jules Amer joined the practice in 1953 after working for the Center for Disease Control’s Epidemiologic Intelligence Service.  The practice grew and eventually outgrew its space on Vine Street.  In 1995, in recognition of CMC’s service to ‘the sick and the poor’, two families from the practice built the current clinic at 1625 Marion Street. This initial philanthropic support along with the dedication of the physicians and staff has allowed CMC to continue to provide care to a significant number of children on state medicaid.

Dr. Amer continued to practice pediatrics until his retirement in 2009. He is one of many pediatricians at Children’s Medical Center who have influenced the field of pediatrics both locally and nationally over the years.

In agreement with the American Academy of Pediatrics, we recommend that you not seek care for your child at retail based health clinics or urgent care facilities, as providers at these clinics have no access to your child’s medical record or health history. If you feel your child requires medical attention after hours, we recommend you call us first so that the After Hours Service or On-Call Physician can evaluate the situation and a make recommendation for medical care. Read our full disclaimer.