Sick Visit

When your child is sick, we do what we can to see your child on the same day.  You may need to be seen by a doctor other than your usual doctor, but your child will be seen on the same day.  We save early morning and early afternoon appointments for infants, as we give our infants priority in spending less time in the waiting room with other potentially ill children.

Please note that Children’s Medical Center has a designated sick child waiting area. Patients are expected to arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time to ensure timely check in.

Schedule a Sick Visit
Call: 303-830-7337, Option 1

Sick Visit Triage Department

We have several pediatric nurses who are always available.  Besides performing many tasks in the clinic, they may help answer your questions over the phone during office hours using nationally accredited pediatric telephone protocols.  After hours calls are triaged by the Children’s Hospital After Hours Call Center.

You are also welcome to use our online symptom guide to learn how you can care for your child at home while you wait for your sick appointment time.

Talk to our Triage Department
Call: 303-830-7337, Option 1