At Children’s Medical Center (CMC), we understand the importance of continuity of care. Every attempt is made to schedule your child with his or her primary Pediatrician. If availability does not allow this, your child will be seen by one of the three other Pediatricians working that day. Children’s Medical Center utilizes an electronic medical record which facilitates the coordination of your child’s care amongst not only the Pediatricians on staff but also with specialists at The Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Almost all of the current Pediatricians at CMC trained locally at The Children’s Hospital Colorado. Because some of our Pediatricians have been practicing at CMC for over 20 years, not everyone is currently accepting new patients.

Pediatricians accepting new patients are Dr. Erin, Dr. DebbieDr. Katie, Dr. Lauren, Dr. Spero, Dr. Liz, and Dr. Mary.

Dr. Erin Ambardekar

Dr. Erin

Erin Ambardekar MD

Dr. Erin’s clinical interests include breastfeeding/lactation support, asthma, congenital heart disease, adolescent medicine, and brainstorming through parenting dilemmas. Full Bio

Dr. Erin is Accepting New Patients on a Limited Basis
Dr. Debbie

Dr. Debbie

Debbie Chen-Becker MD

Dr. Debbie’s clinical interests include asthma management, children with special needs, helping manage infants born prematurely, and breastfeeding/lactation. Full Bio

Dr. Debbie is Accepting New Patients
Dr. Katie

Dr. Katie

Katie Ginder DO

Dr. Katie’s believes that as a pediatrician her job is to provide education, guidance and support for the whole family as your child grows.  Her clinical interests include obesity prevention, sports medicine and infectious disease. Dr. Katie speaks Spanish fluently. Full Bio

Dr. Katie is Accepting New Patients
Dr. Jay Markson

Dr. Jay

Jay Markson MD

Dr. Jay joined Children’s Medical Center in 1985. Dr. Jay, a native of Denver, graduated from George Washington High School. He attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he received his undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology, his graduate degree in Human Physiology, and his Medical Degree.  Dr. Jay can speak Spanish.  Full Bio

Dr. Lauren Mickey

Dr. Lauren

Lauren Mickey MD

Dr. Lauren joined Children’s Medical Center in 2020 after completing her pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital Colorado and working at CMC as a resident.  Dr. Lauren’s clinical interests include nutrition and child safety. Full Bio

Dr. Lauren is Accepting New Patients

Spyridon Papadopoulos MD

Dr. Spero

Spyridon “Spero” Papadopoulos MD

Dr. Spero joined Children’s Medical Center in 1995 and received his medical degree from Duke University.  His clinical interests include the infectious diseases. Full Bio

Dr. Spero is Accepting New Patients on a Limited Basis
Dr. Liz

Dr. Liz

Elizabeth Sweeney MD

Dr. Liz joined Children’s Medical Center in 2016 and received her medical degree from University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio and then moved to Denver to complete her residency at Children’s Hospital. Her clinical passions include behavioral and mental health as well as childhood obesity prevention and management.

Full Bio

Dr. Liz is Accepting New Patients
Dr. Mary Zavadil

Dr. Mary

Mary Zavadil MD

Dr. Mary joined Children’s Medical Center in 1990. She received her undergraduate degree from Santa Clara University in California and her medical degree from the University of California at Irvine. Dr. Mary has also been the Medical Director for the Community Child Health Foundation based at CMC, which provides a wide variety of medical support services to low-income families since 2001. Dr. Mary can speak Spanish. Full Bio

Dr. Mary is Accepting New Patients on a Limited Basis