Happy New Year’s and Updates from Children’s Medical Center

Dear Parents and Patients,

Happy New Year!  Here’s to a safe path moving forward during these COVID-19 times – things are looking up as new COVID-19 vaccines are being approved and administered! Thank you to all our families who are continuing to bring your children in for their well care visits throughout this time – continuing well care visits is important to keep up-to-date with developmental checks and with vaccinations!  

We have been doing a great job in Colorado, and we have seen our positivity rate fall below 5% again.  Congratulations to everyone in their efforts to keep our kids and our community healthy!  As Colorado restrictions start to decrease, we are seeing businesses re-open and schools return to in-person learning.  

In-person schools are the best option when it can be done safely, since it can provide the social and emotional development our kids need, in addition to the academic learning.  Schools can safely open with continued emphasis on physical distancing, wearing face masks, and frequent hand-washing.  For more information from the AAP regarding school re-openings, feel free to check out this website: https://healthychildren.org/English/health-issues/conditions/COVID-19/Pages/Return-to-School-During-COVID-19.aspx

All of the physicians in our practice have now received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have received the vaccine.  Colorado is now rolling out vaccinations to the over-70 year old population, and will soon move to vaccinate our teachers!  We have received many inquiries regarding children and vaccination – as of now the vaccines have not been approved for those under 16 years old, and clinical trials have recently begun for those aged 12+.  For more information regarding children and the COVID-19 vaccine, please read more here: https://healthychildren.org/English/tips-tools/ask-the-pediatrician/Pages/when-can-children-get-the-COVID-19-vaccine.aspx

*Please continue to adhere to current Colorado guidelines: all patients over 2 years old, and all accompanying family members should come to clinic wearing a mask.  Nationwide PPE continues to be of limited supply, so we urge you to bring your own masks, but one will be provided if you cannot provide your own as you are required to wear one while in clinic. 

*Please continue to limit the number of accompanying family members coming to your child’s appointment at this time – it is preferable, if possible, to just have one family member at each child’s visit in order to limit the amount of exposure to others.

*Telehealth visits are still available for select visits, and will be assigned as needed by our Triage staff.  COVID-19 testing is available through Children’s Medical Center – your physician can place the order for you, and testing will be done at Children’s Hospital Drive Through Testing Site.  Telehealth visits are available for any patients who test positive for COVID-19 if they have not had a clinic visit – this will allow our physicians to appropriately discuss implications of a positive result, including concerning symptoms to watch for, and isolation/quarantine guidelines.

*** If you have not been in clinic recently to see our most recent breaking news:  Children’s Medical Center will be moving to a new location in a new building at the corner of Ogden St and 18th Ave!  We are anticipating our move to be around the end of March 2021 – look forward to more email updates as we near the finishing of our construction in our new location. ***