Private Insurance Flu Vaccine Has Arrived

The anxiously awaited flu vaccine has arrived. We have scheduled our flu clinics. Please see the schedule below. As with everything else in 2020 we have made some adjustments to how the flu clinic will work.

  2. If you are due or scheduled for a well visit, please get your flu vaccines during those appointments. If other children/parents want flu vaccine, they are welcome to come to those appointments and get their vaccine at that time as well (we just need a nurse visit scheduled for those children). Please schedule through MyChart if you are able and Echeck In will be possible 48 hours in advance. If you need MyChart access please call and we can sign you up. Please make sure we have your current insurance prior to arriving for your appointment, you can upload a copy or your card through the Echeck In in MyChart.
  3. All parents wanting to receive a flu vaccine at CMC please print and complete the forms to get their flu shot from our website under the FORMS tab. Please have those completed when you arrive and parents will need to pay for their flu shots before going back to receive the shot (they will be $45.00 again this year). One form must be completed per person receiving the shot.
  4. The flu clinics will be in our treatment room again this year, we will have waiting stations at the front of the hall, the end of the hall and one station in the sick area. We will try to keep the line moving as quickly as possible. You can help by having your paperwork complete, having your left arm exposed and ready to get the shot and rotating through the stations with your family members together as quickly as possible. If necessary we will have families wait outside in the front of the buildings or their vehicles to ensure lower number of people inside at a time. All families will exit the back door of the clinic.

PM: 12:00-4:50

All Day:  8:30–4:50

Saturday 9-12:00

DateAM/PM or All Day
Tuesday 09/08PM
Friday 09/11All Day
Saturday 09/12All Day
Monday 09/14All Day
Wednesday 09/16All Day
Friday 09/18All Day
Saturday 09/19All Day
Monday 09/21All Day
Tuesday 09/22PM
Thursday 09/24All Day
Monday 09/28All Day