Welcome Dr. Becky Gaensbauer

The pediatricians and staff at Children’s Medical Center are excited to announce that Dr. Becky Gaensbauer has joined our group of pediatricians.

When Dr. Becky was an undergraduate at Brown University, she majored in Development Studies and became interested in global health. This interest led her to complete her Master’s in International Health at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and took her to American Samoa, South Africa, Nepal, Saint Lucia and Guatemala.

After an initial career in public health, she went back to medical school in Cork, Ireland before moving to Denver for Pediatric residency.  After residency, she served as a global health fellow and worked with local  refugee organizations.  Dr. Becky loves working with children of all ages and is excited to be part of Children’s Medical Center.

We invite you to read Dr. Becky’s full bio.