Jump For Life

Thank you all who are currently participating in our Jump for Life Program! More than 2500 children in our practice, from ages 6-11, have started the program with a pledge to increase their activity levels and eat more nutritiously.

The CMC community is proud to have received recognition from the National “Reach Out & Read” program for our efforts in promoting an activity based program. Michelle Obama’s activity task force has even taken note of “Jump for Life!”

Over the first year, we have countless examples of children coming in for another activity log/calender as they have run out of room on their original log. One young girl made “Jump for Life” the basis of her science fair project! Another child started a jump rope team at her school.

We would love to hear your own anecdotes about the program and ideas to improve it. We would also love to receive pictures of your child jumping rope.

Take a refresher course by watching the video again and then get out your jump rope and JUMP!

(This program is set up for children from 6-11 years of age and is incorporated into their well child exams.)

Keep on JUMPING!!!