Children's Medical Center Staff Office Manager

Lorie Joslyn
Office Manager

“At Children’s Medical Center (CMC), we strive to create a medical home for our patients and offer a comprehensive set of services.  Besides our pediatricians, our patients and their families will find caring and skilled staff members ready to help.  Please get to know our team and let us know how we can make your experience at CMC a great one.”

Lorie Joslyn, Office Manager

Children's Medical Center Support Staff

Support Staff

We have a fabulous support staff available to help with any insurance problems, appointment scheduling, referrals to specialists, and billing concerns. We accept most insurance, but be sure to notify us if your insurance is changing.

Children's Medical Center Back Office Staff

Back Office Staff

Children’s Medical Center has a wonderful Back Office Staff composed of experienced medical assistants (MA). The MA will check in your child and work closely with the Pediatrician to evaluate and treat your child during his or her appointment.

Nurse Triage

Nurse Triage

We have several pediatric nurses who are always available.  Besides performing many tasks in the clinic, they may help answer your questions over the phone during office hours using nationally accredited pediatric telephone protocols. After hour calls are triaged by the Children’s Hospital After Hours Call Center.

Talk to our Triage Department
Call: 303-830-7337, Option 1

There are seven pediatricians on staff at Children’s Medical Center.  While we emphasize establishing continuity of care with one pediatrician, we usually staff four doctors at any given time, so we share patients if your child has an appointment at a time when your usual doctor is not working.

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